I grew up surrounded by stacks of irresistible fiction- thanks, Mom– and have been a writer at heart since the early days of Nancy Drew and The Babysitter’s Club. Reading and telling stories evolved into a deep curiosity about why people do what they do, so I ventured into the world of psychology and was not disappointed. After graduating from the University of Illinois with a degree in Psych- orange & blue forever; go Illini! – I looked for a way to work in the least boring, ever dynamic, social justice-oriented place I could find…education!

That required a little more schooling 🙂 so I joined the teacher certification program at North Central College, and then later, Northern Illinois University‘s counseling program to learn everything I could about working with teenagers. I’ve enjoyed over 14 years in the high school English classroom, and now work as an instructional coach and teacher leader for my K-12 district. Every day is unique; working with students and teachers will never get old. 

I live with the smartest person I know – my creative, adventurous, husband- along with our two bold, free-spirited, hilarious children who simultaneously set our world on fire and, well…set our world on fire. We love to travel, hike, and explore, eager to trek across the States with the hope to enjoy all 50 all by the time our children leave the nest. 

Untouchable is my first novel. I have loved, loved, loved every minute writing it, and am currently working on publication of a second novel.

You can find me on Instagram @jennifer_waldvogel_author