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Untouchable (2016)

flower two.png

Andie never considered herself a rebel…Before.

Before the humiliation.

Before the betrayal.

Before she lost her best friend.

Andie Mancini longs for the same things every seventeen-year old girl craves: late night laughter with her best friend, a sense of peace in the midst of high school chaos, and the knowledge that Life Beyond Graduation would be far cooler than Life Before.

Now…Andie can’t stem the feelings of anger toward the power players at Westlake Academy: the ones no one ever challenges because doing so is social suicide. After losing the connection that meant the most to her, Andie is ready to fight. Ready to confront the toxic culture poisoning her school.

Writing incendiary articles in her campus newspaper, disrupting a school assembly, and entering a male-dominated competition, Andie tries her best to shake things up at Westlake.

Only one thing seems to be standing in her way: the electric pull she can’t ignore from the newest student at Westlake. Tall, smart, and sexy in the most understated manner, Ethan Jameson throws her completely off course. Andie tries hard to ignore Ethan, to heed the warnings about his connection to the malicious Jared Bronson, but she’s torn by the compassion and confidence she sees in Ethan’s eyes. Most of all, Andie is determined to keep fighting because if she can conquer the war of the Super Elite and win back her heart in the process…she really will be Untouchable.